When I was your age, Pluto was a planet.

by - February 05, 2010

Pluto finds itself back in the news. This is a current photo of the non-planet taken by the Hubble telescope back in 2002. Scientists have been analyzing this and other photos because apparently the little chunk of space-rock is becoming redder. Perhaps because it's embarrassed at having been demoted?

I always pictured Pluto as being a blue planet. And yes, I still call him a planet. I learned him as a planet, a planet he will forever be. I mean, the acrostic I learned to memorize all planets just doesn't make sense without Pluto - My very eager mother just served us nine (pizzas). See? You can't be served nine.

I'm not really sure why I pictured Pluto as blue. Perhaps because it's a cold planet. It's coldest spots are more than -300 degrees Fareinheit. Or maybe it's from cartoons. Or it could just be one of those childhood imaginings that's stuck with me. Whatever the reason, red has never been associated with Pluto.

Anyway, scientists have been analyzing the pictures the Hubble took for seven years trying to determine why Pluto suddenly started to blush. At first they thought it was a malfunction in the camera, but Pluto's moon (how can it not be a planet if it has its own moon?!) didn't change color.

What they determined has something to do with nitrogen and methane, but science has never been my thing so I didn't fully understand what they were talking about. If science is your thing, however, here's the link to the article - Pluto Changes Color.

Anyway, Pluto is so misunderstood and I fully support the reinstatement of its planetary status.

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  1. Esta cancion te va a gustar...:)


  2. Muchas gracias :) Es una cancion muy bonita!

  3. I always thought Pluto was blue as well. And I still consider it a planet. You made a very valid point about the moon thing. Poor Pluto. It's a victim of foul racism... against planetoid things.