OMG Shoes

by - February 03, 2010

Okay, so it's no secret women love shoes. Well, I guess not all women so let me correct myself and say most women love shoes. I inherited my love of shoes from my mom. If I could afford to support my love, I would have a pair of shoes for every outfit I own. More specifically, I would have a pair of heels in every color. Maybe it's because I'm short (seriously, I'm barely more than 5 feet) but I really do love heels, and I've always wanted a pair of red high heels (this is in no way a reference to the song). So two weekends ago I found the cutest pair ever and, since they were on sale, I bought them (and wore them the same day).

Anyway, on to the point. I was browsing Yahoo as usual when I came across this article - 9 Chic Shoe Rules. It was pretty interesting, albeit common sense. Basically what it did was give some basic, for lack of a better phrase, "how-to's" for wearing shoes.

1. If you can't walk in them, don't wear them. (This is common sense, ladies. Heels don't make you look sexy if you're limping.)

2. Wear brightly colored shoes to spice up an outfit. (Take for instance my new pair of red heels - I paired them with a simple black cocktail dress and, modestly speaking, turned quite a few heads).

3. Wear what's appropriate for where you are/what you're wearing. (When in doubt you really can't go wrong with a black pump... unless of course you're wearing brown.)

4. Don't wear stilettos to an outdoor event. (Unless, of course, you want to aerate the ground.)

5. Shoes = Statement. (In other words, be confident in your footwear.)

6. Va-va-voom shoes have their place. (Attention-grabbing shoes aren't your best choice for a daytime event.)

7. Match your heel height to your skirt length. (Case in point, a tall person wearing a short skirt with 3-inch stilettos.)

8. Wear flats with properly hemmed clothing. (You don't want to look sloppy, do you?)

9. It's all about balance. (Not the kind you need when you walk, although that is important - see #1. What we're talking about here is different types of heels balancing out a specific look. For example: if you're wearing a wispy frock a thin, delicate heel is a better choice than a chunky heeled shoe.)

And now for your viewing enjoyment, OMG Shoes!

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  1. Wow, betch. You went there. Lol. I hate shoes. I'd rather walk around barefoot than have to wear a pair of heels, or tennis shoes for that matter. But maybe it's just because I'm too tall.