Snow Day

by - February 15, 2010

First of all, let me apologize for my lack of post on Friday. I was scrambling all morning long trying to make my show work out like I wanted. In the end, of course, everything went smoothly and looked pretty decent on air. Lots of time went to weather because of the rarity that is a snow day. You see, here in the southeast it rarely snows, if at all. And Friday, not only did it snow but it accumulated quite nicely. At my house in Southwest Georgia we got about two inches (that's a freakin' lot for us snow-deprived southerners!). Other places got anywhere between three and six inches. It was total pandemonium. Pretty much the entire state of Alabama shut down. I'm not sure about Georgia, but it probably did, too. If any yankees are reading this, don't scoff. No one down here knows how to travel in snow. These people can barely drive in clear weather!

Anywho. Since there's absolutely nothing worth talking about going on in the world today (well, there is stuff but it's all depressing and I don't want to kill my good moodI), I'm going to show you some of my snow pictures. Enjoy!

This is when it first started snowing kinda hard and really started accumulating.

Our dog, Sealey, really didn't like it.

After a few inches had accumulated, my brother built this. I didn't help. I don't particularly like playing in snow. It's cold and wet.

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  1. I totally agree. The snow just ruined my day, well, what little we got over here in Savannah. But it's kind of funny that Blakely and the surrounding areas got so much. I'm telling everyone, it's global warming!