Funny Friday

by - August 27, 2010

When I got to work last night, my chair was gone.

I checked all the edit bays, made sure all the other desks only had one chair and looked every other place I could think to look. No chair.

So I decided to steal my neighbor's chair. It's not like he's here overnight anyway, right? And his chair is identical to mine.

Or so I thought.

Around 12:30 I decided it was break time, which means it's time to roll another chair over, kick my feet up, snuggle under my blanket and catch a wink of sleep. So I stole my other neighbor's chair and proceeded to take my mandatory 30 minute break.

I always set my phone's alarm just in case I actually fall asleep really deeply. So it goes off at 1:00. I kick the other chair back across the newsroom, spin my stolen chair back around to face my desk and proceed to rearrange myself into a comfortable sitting position.

For me, that means calling on my one-sixteenth Cherokee bloodlines and pulling my legs up under me to sit like an Indian and wrap my blanket completely around my lower extremities. During this process I nearly always end up pushing myself backwards and up by use of the armrests to maneuver my legs [cause they're so long, you see].

In my chair, this would have worked out perfectly. In my neighbor's chair that is not identical to mine, it is not. In my chair, the back doesn't lean back if you do; it stays upright. In my neighbor's chair, the back leans all the way back.

I did not know this.

It flipped completely over.

I rolled out of it backwards.

Into the collection of empty water cooler jugs that are gathering behind my desk.

I want my chair back.

Happy Friday.

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  1. Aw shucks!!! Hope it didn't hurt (that much).

  2. I'm sorry. I laughed at you. But that is priceless. That ought to teach you to not ever think things are identical. I'd put out a report for a missing chair. Be prepared for a potential ransom note. :)

  3. @Gnetch: I have a bruise on one of my ankles but luckily that's the only injured part of my person.

    @Christina: That actually gives me a topic for Monday! lol

    @Richard: Glad I could amuse you.