Once, Twice, Stop Calling Me, Stalker!

by - August 25, 2010

I think I have a 'phone-stalker' at my work.

I've gotten two creepy, weird phone calls this week. At the same time. From the same person.

The first one was Monday night. It went a little something like this:
Me: *answers phone* News 4.
Creepy: *heavy breathing*
Me: *assumes he didn't hear me the first time* Hello? WTVY, News 4. Can I help you?
Creepy: Who is this?
Me: *thinking I'm definitely not telling him my name* This is WTVY News 4, the television station.
Creepy: Oh. What time does the news come on?
Me: The nightly shows are already over. The morning show starts at 5.
Creepy: Who is this?
Me: *makes stupid decision* This is Ashton. Can I help you?
Creepy: Will you do me a favor?
Me: *silence*
Creepy: Will you close your eyes?
Me: No.
Creepy: C'mon. Close your eyes for me.
Me: No. I have to get back to work. Thanks for calling. *hangs up on him*

I was pretty creeped out for the rest of the night, halfway suspecting one of my coworkers to walk around the corner and try to scare me. But they didn't.

Which makes it worse. Have I ever mentioned I work in a dark, old hotel building all alone for the whole night?
Well, I do. And Monday night all the lights in the lobby were turned off, which meant everything but where I am was dark. I guess they're on some energy-saving kick.

I got another call tonight.
Me: *answers phone* News 4.
Creepy: I want to talk to [insert anchor name].
Me: She's already gone home for the evening. She'll be back tomorrow afternoon.
Creepy: Oh. *pause* What's the weather for tomorrow?
Me: If you have the internet, go to wtvy.com and the forecasts are on there.
Creepy: I want to know about the Peanut Festival.
Me: *trying to be professional* What do you want to know, when it is?
Creepy: Yeah.
Me: It's the last week of October.
Creepy: Are you going?
Me: *thinking there's no way in Hell I'm telling him I'll be at the WTVY tent* I'm sure I'll go one day.
Creepy: Will you go with me and ride the rides with me?
Me: *slightly panicked* I don't know you so...
Creepy: We'll be best friends.
Me: I already have a best friend and don't need a new one. I have to go. Thank you. Have a nice night. *hangs up on him again*

This time I was really freaked out. So much so that I went downstairs [luckily the lights were still mostly on] and sat with the nightly meteorologist for about 30 minutes.

It's been documented with the station. They've even had the engineers make sure all the doors are totally secure. But I'm still pretty freaked out, to be honest.

I hope that whoever it is that's doing it is getting a kick out of my paranoia. They just better hope that they don't actually figure out who I am and try to approach me at the Peanut Festival. That will not end well for him. To quote my boyfriend: if this guy shows up and wants to be best friends...he can be best friends with the first 3 knuckles of my fist.

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  1. That's seriously creepy! And you work alone? Your company should have caller IDs installed to figure out who this creep is. I mean, who calls in the middle of the night? He's crazy.

  2. Holy fish sticks, Ash! That's crazy. I hope it was just some douche trying to mess with your head. If not, be careful. There are some crazy people out there and I don't know what I'd do if some crazy guy hurt you in any way. :(

  3. Thanks for your concern :) Hopefully he's gotten it out of his system. Tonight I was pretty paranoid about coming to work.