Memoirs of an Over-rated Pop Star

by - August 04, 2010

Have you heard?

Justin Bieber (I so almost typed Jason, that's how little he means to me) is writing a memoir!
*jumps up and down in exaggerated excitement*

In case you missed the memo, that was sarcasm. Quite possibly the largest dose I've doled out recently.

He's 16 years old. What 16-year-old needs to release a memoir? What, other than having three years of overly hyped-up success on the pop charts with pre-adolescent girls, has this kid done?

Oh, and get this. It's going to be in 3-D.

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  1. Chapter 1:
    My hair

    Chapter 2:
    My voice changed

    Chapter 3:
    The end of my career.

    "Oh baby baby.. oh baby.. my career is gone..."

  2. @McGriddle Pants: I literally lol'd when I read that.

    @Richard: Welcome back!

  3. Can we all just get together and kill this kid? I cannot stand him. My own 16 year old brother is totally cooler than this ass-hat.

    I totally hate the Bieb and I hope no one buys the deamn memoir that will probably be four pages long.

    I doubt he even knows how to read and write.

  4. I agree with Christina! Let's kill this child. Or better yet, let's shave his head!

  5. @Christina: The worst part is that you know all the teenie boppers will whine until their parents buy the $22 thing to shut them up.

    @Gnetch: He would lose all his fame if he lost his locks!