Without Passion Man is a Mere Latent Force and Possibility.

by - August 16, 2010

"The Kiss"

This picture was taken on August 14, 1945, the day the Japanese surrendered to Allied Forces, thereby ending World War II. This picture, known by most simply as "The Kiss", graced the cover of Life Magazine 65 years ago and since then has come to be regarded as a national symbol of celebration.

Every time I see this photo, I see not only celebration but also passion. A passion for life, a passion for victory, a passion for love. I see something that this world could use more of - passion outside of the bedroom.

People aren't passionate about things anymore. They don't pursue careers they're passionate about. They chase the jobs with the most dollar signs, vainly grasping for the happiness they want their money to buy. They restrict their passion to their bedrooms, attaching its meaning only to sex.

Young people nowadays don't have passion in their lives. They aren't passionate about life, love or the world. They put their faith in material things, believe that love and sex are synonymous, have jobs instead of careers. They lack the substance that makes life worth living.

Maybe they haven't found anything to be passionate about. Or maybe someone along the way told them their passion was stupid and would lead them nowhere in life. And maybe, just maybe, they'll look up one day and realize that life without passion really isn't life at all.

I'm passionate about my career, my family, my relationship, my life. I may not make the most money. I may not always get along with my family or my love. And I may not always be satisfied with life's outcomes, but I know that it's my passion to be who I am on my terms that keeps me going. It's that passion that makes life worth living. Have you found that passion?

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  1. I can't say much on the subject of passion... mostly because the things I'm passionate about are pretty crazy. And admitting to these things might make someone send me to the loony bin, but I totally agree with you. Kids nowadays need to embrace life and discover themselves, rather than being told what they should like, do, and be.