My Tribute of Sorts to the King

by - August 17, 2010

Sunday marked the 33rd anniversary of the death of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Mr. Elvis Presley.

Now, I don't normally celebrate things of that nature, but in Memphis, Tenn., there's a week-long celebration at Graceland. It's called, of all things, "Elvis Week" and it wrapped up yesterday with a concert.

I'm not a huge, die-hard Elvis fan. I enjoy his music and consider him nice to look at in his pre-fat days.

It's hard not to respect the man, though. I mean he revolutionized the musical world, not to mention those controversial below-the-belt moves of his! When he performed on the Late Show, the cameras were only allowed to film him from the waist up because his shaking, wiggly hips were so scandalous. Nowadays the gyrating pelvic thrusts Elvis became infamous for are tame in comparison to the dance moves you see in music videos or clubs.

And you can't forget his fame on the silver screen, although his acting skills were somewhat lacking. Elvis himself even called his acting skills poor. Most of his movies were silly and did nothing to hide the fact that he was chosen strictly for his looks and singing voice. They all seemed to have the same plot line and he always got the girl.

But despite my seemingly disparaging comments about the 31 films the rock 'n' roll king filmed in his acting career, there is one that I simply cannot resist. Every time it comes on TCM or AMC you can find me glued to the screen, hanging on his every word.

What movie is that, you ask? None other than 'Girl Happy'. You can see the original movie poster above. What makes this movie different from the rest? Not much really. It's still silly, but I love the sense of comaraderie it portrays between Rusty (Elvis) and his band. And it also helps that he tunnels into a jail just to talk to the girl he's in love with only to find that she's already been bailed out and he's now trapped because his buddies caved in his tunnel. So how does he escape? The rest of the girls dress him up all pretty like and he walks out with them, but not before locking the jailer in the cell!

So here's to you, Elvis Presley. You truly were and remain to this day the King of Rock 'N' Roll.

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  1. When it comes to Elvis I'm pretty meh. I've never even seen any of his movies. That's kind of sad, actually.

  2. i'm not a huge fan either, but there is no denying his talent or the mark that he left on planet earth!

  3. @Christina: the beauty of that is that you've probably seen movies that he's at least been portrayed in. Take Forrest Gump, for instance. Someone playing him makes an appearance and appears to take the peculiar "dancing" of Forrest to heart - the movie portrays that as the inspiration to Elvis' pelvic thrusts!

    @drollgirl: Exactly!