A Lesson in Irony

by - August 23, 2010

So do you guys remember when I decided to climb the corporate ladder and transition from the morning show producer to the evening producer?
[Do you guys even know what it is that I do for my job?]

Well that transition was supposed to start this week. 'Supposed' being the key word in that sentence.
Starting tomorrow [Monday night/Tuesday morning], I was supposed to start training my replacement on the morning show. You know, teaching her the show's format, how to choose stories, how to write scripts, etc. All the stuff I do on a day-to-day basis. Pretty basic stuff, really.

Although I say it's basic stuff - and it is - I'm actually pretty nervous about training someone. I may not be a spring chicken when it comes to my job, but I'm still relatively new to this side of journalism. I'm not sure if I know how to train someone in the ways of television news. But I digress.

Getting back on topic...

New producer's training should be starting tomorrow, but it isn't. And the reason why is one of the most ironic things ever to happen in my life. I always see/hear/read about irony in the lives of other people but rarely have this literary genius pop up in my own. So of course I had to share my lesson in irony with you guys!

When I first started working at the station, back when I was still just a temporary fill-in producer, I had to take an unwanted week-long vacation.

I'd only been working maybe three weeks when my appendix decided it wanted to make its presence known by swelling to near-bursting size. Luckily, it didn't rupture. If it had I would have been out much longer than a week. However, once your appendix is poisoned [for reasons still unknown to modern man] it has to come out.

New producer was supposed to have some sort of out-patient surgical procedure last Monday. As she was driving herself to the hospital, her surgeon's people called her and informed her that she would not be getting operated on that day because, wait for it...

He had been rushed to the emergency room for a ruptured appendix.

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  1. That. Is. Hilarious. I feel sorry for him, but still, it's funny when irony wiggles its way into our lives.

  2. Oh God, really?? That's terrible. And... *copy-pastes Christina's comment*