Behind the Scenes II

by - August 02, 2010

The people working behind the scenes of a two-hour show that repeats itself are bound to get bored, especially in the second hour. So I thought it would be kinda fun to share some of the things we've talked about this morning.

How do you pronounce pecan?
'Puh-kahn' or 'pee-can'?
It's a matter of opinion, really.

What's the most embarrassing thing you've done lately you wouldn't want anyone to know about?

There's this one commercial that I absolutely can NOT stand. It's for a local irrigation company, and their slogan/tag line is really... awkward.
"We've been keeping the Wiregrass wet and happy..."
Gross, right? Well I made my disgust known and it prompted the following statements:
Director: "That's what they do. They irrigate."
Graphics Op: "Wet and happy? I like that."
That makes it so much better, yes?

Can you keep a secret?
The graphics op and me are always going at it, but it's all done in something that could possibly be compared to affection...
So he's talking about how many secrets he knows about our coworkers and divulges something.
Graphics Op: "They keep that on the down low."
Me: "If they don't want people to know, why'd they tell you?!"

Throw a tantrum!
The graphics op is in the process of training as a director, so he's directing the second hour of my show. In this one package he messed up a name plate thing and starts stomping his feet and flailing his arms... just like a 2-year-old throwing a tantrum.

Happy Monday!

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