by - January 07, 2021

I was called a leftist yesterday. Now, that's certainly not the first time it's happened - I spent the better part of a decade working as a news producer, remember? - but it is the first time the words came from someone that actually knows me. This person also attempted to "explain" how freedom of speech works, which is something I, as a formally trained journalist with over ten years of experience, am a bit of an expert on. Then, he blocked me, although he came onto my personal Facebook page and instigated the conversation to begin with.

This probably seems like a random story to tell you, especially considering the normal content you find on this blog, but I think it's an important anecdote to share.

It all started when I posted a status about the riot at the United States Capitol. It wasn't an incendiary status by any means, but it did point out the stark difference in how this particular "protest" was being handled compared to other similar incidents from the past few years. That was the part he didn't like, by the way. A fact. Not an opinion but an easily-proven fact. The conversation devolved when I informed him that I wouldn't be debating him about what was happening, which is when he delivered what I'm sure he believed to be an insult.

Truthfully, my values and morals tend to be more conservative in nature. Some of you are probably reading this and thinking, A conservative journalist? There's no such thing! I hate to burst your bubble, but journalists can't all be lumped into the same political basket.

I am a registered and active voter. I vote on both sides of the ticket depending on the issues and candidates. I admit that I rarely engage in discussions about politics or candidates. A lot of that stems from my background in journalism and my inherent need to present facts over opinion and not subvert my views onto other people.

I also never thought I would see the day when our the U.S. Capitol building was under siege by its own citizens over the results of an election. I know how we got here, of course. We all do, even if many of you refuse to admit it. And no, it's not the fault of "the media." If anything, we waited too long to step into our role of watchdogs and hold those in power accountable.

I don't care what political party you support. Whether you're conservative or liberal. There is no debate here.

If shining a spotlight on the truth makes me a leftist, so be it. Small as my spotlight may be...

Enough is enough.

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