What I Read December 2020

by - January 05, 2021

I read more in December than this month's reviews suggests. However, these are the only new things I read all the way through. I attempted The Accursed Saga but had some issues with how the characters were developing and just couldn't make myself read the final book. I started A Guilded Cage but only made it in a few chapters. I really wanted to like that one but just couldn't get on board with the writing style. I also spent a good bit of the month rereading some of my favorites from recent years. I felt like I needed the inspiration from my fave female characters.

Now, on to the last books I read in 2020.

Author: Emilia Finn

This was book nine of the Stacked Deck series I've been reading. It's not quite a standalone as it picks up where the previous book, Crazy Eights, ended. Except instead of Jamie and Quinn's points of view, we move to Quinn's brother, Will, and Olivia Conner - Ben's sister. These two have a lot to overcome in order to be together, namely Will's past. When Will comes back to town for good, he can't stay away from Olivia, and the feeling seems to be mutual, but Olivia's got secrets, too. Big ones.

To be honest, I keep expecting this series to dwindle and lose my interest, but Emilia Finn has crafted such good characters and keeps drawing me back in time and time again. I literally have a reminder set for when the next book drops.

Circus of the Dead series
Author: Kimberly Loth

Where to start... I guess I should say that this series is pretty dark. There is a lot of death and plain-out evilness, but I guess that's to be expected when you're dealing with voodoo, ghosts, and even zombies. This series is so far outside the realm of what I usually read, but I was looking for something different, and it definitely fit the bill.

When Callie's parents unexpectedly send her to spend the summer with her estranged uncle at the circus where he works, she's understandably upset by their decision. Her first night at the circus, someone tries to kill her by locking her in a tiger's cage. Stuck for at least two weeks, she starts to learn more about the island, all of it bad. Eventually, she strikes a deal with the ringmaster and is trapped just like everyone else. Except, Callie isn't one to lie down and take it. Together with the help of her new friends, she sets out to save the island.

Someday in Paris
Author: Olivia Lara

Zara and Leon meet for the first time as teenagers. After spending an hour in a dark museum, in which they never see each other's faces, they agree to keep in touch via letters. Through those letters, they fall in love and set up a date to meet, but due to circumstances out of their control the date doesn't happen, and the two lose touch with each other for years. The couple keeps missing each other, until finally they meet but under new names. Will their destined love ever be realized?

The format of this book is pretty unique: a grandmother reading her love story to her granddaughter. It's sweet and poignant and at times incredibly sad. I cried at the ending. I don't usually talk about editing issues, but there were enough in the Kindle version of this book that I feel like it's worth mentioning. It doesn't make the book unreadable, but I do hope Lara releases an edited version.

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