Monday Motivation

by - January 25, 2021

How is it Monday again already? This past weekend, while laid back overall, was not long enough.

The good news? Other than daily routine kitchen cleanup, I didn't have any chores leftover from the week before. Leaving laundry and general cleanup for the weekend was a college habit that never quite phased out. Initially, it was because my first apartment didn't have a washer/dryer hookup, so a laundry day was necessary, and living alone meant it took pretty much all week to fill up the dishwasher. Then it was just easier to leave it all for one day rather than stay up half the night after work. But recently, that habit had me kind of dreading the weekends because I knew I'd have a bunch of chores to do. So I tweaked my daily schedule to take some of that burden off.

And, yes, I'm well aware that I missed my weekly outfit roundup post for Sunday. Honestly, I needed a break from the computer, so I'll try to get it put together for tomorrow. I haven't really planned out content for the rest of the week, but I think you can expect another recipe post and maybe a post about my current VIP memberships. I'm thinking about putting together a Valentine's Day Gift Guide, an updated romantic movie list, and maybe even a What to Read in February post with my all-time favorite love stories. What do you guys want to see?

As for everything else this week, we'll be finishing up the February magazine. I've got one last thing to write, and I'm making one last push to try to meet a personal goal for the month. I've also got to get the website squared away by the end of the week, but that's just mostly copy and pasting and twiddling with formatting so everything lines up nicely.

Oh, one last thing. I'm opening myself back up for freelance work. It's been several years since I last took any, but I could definitely use the boost and wouldn't mind sharpening those skills back up.

That's pretty much it for what's going on in my life at the moment. Now I need to log out of here and get to work. I hope you all have a great week! We've almost made it through the first month of the year!

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