Tuesday Reviews: My Best Buys of 2020

by - January 12, 2021

2020 best buys

These are my favorite and most-used products of 2020.

All of these products were purchased sometime in 2020. They range from beauty products to household items and clothing.

Last year was weird. It was unquestionably one of the hardest years I've lived through in my 34 years of life, but it wasn't all bad. There were definitely some bright spots, though they're few and far between. In my quest to focus on the good, I decided to do a review of all the things I bought over the course of those twelve months and share with you my best buys of the year.

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Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover - Other than my slipper boots, this is the product that saw the most use this year. It took my bubble baths to the next level, literally.

Slipper Boots - And the award for most-worn shoe goes to my slipper boots. These things are so good, and despite getting worn way more than I typically wear slippers, they're outlasting every other pair of slippers I've ever had.

Perfect Hair Care Towel - To be honest, I'm about to buy another one of these so I have a spare. It's been such a game changer for my curls.

Roomba - This has been totally worth the price. While it doesn't do away with the need for a broom and dustpan completely, it does keep my floors much cleaner and saves me from having to sweep every day, which is a big win in my book.

Stool - Such a random thing to include, right? We got this to use for pictures but it has since become a staple in our bathroom. I use it every day when I'm getting ready, plus it's perfect for when I cut Chris's hair.

Boyfriend Jeans - Are you guys tired of hearing me talk about these yet? LOL Seriously, though, these have been my most-worn jeans. Unfortunately, they're nearly completely out of stock and who knows if Old Navy will bring them back.

Leather Jacket - Living in the South, I don't find myself in need of a jacket very often, but I find myself finding reasons to wear this one.

Moto Boots - I had no idea how much I would love these when I bought them, but they quickly became my go-to boots. Super comfy with just the right amount of edginess.

Black Sneakers - You gotta love when a $12 pair of sneakers goes the distance. I love this style of shoe so much, I'll probably break down and shell out the money for a brand-name pair that will last longer.

Prescription Sunglasses - Working on a computer all day long has done a number on my eyes over the last few years in terms of my astygmatism getting much worse, especially when I drive. Spending the extra money on a pair of prescription sunglasses was one of the smartest things I did last year.

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