10 Ways to Wear Leather Pants & Leggings

by - October 21, 2021


Have you joined the faux leather leggings fan club yet?

I got my first pair several years ago off a $5 clearance rack at Forever 21 just to see what all the fuss was about. I wore those things until they literally fell apart. Then I went a few years without a pair because I just couldn't bring myself to pay close to $100 for a pair, especially since we get maybe two months a year that it's actually cold enough to wear them.

Then last year, I found a pair of faux leather pants on major sale at Express that I just had to have, and last month I ordered these under $20 faux leather leggings from Amazon. The leggings are decent quality and have nice compression. The only issues I have with them is that they're made for tall people so I have to roll the legs under, they do not breathe at all, and they make a weird rustling noise if you move around too much (My husband says they sound like a garbage bag). But for the purpose of this post, they work.

Leggings vs Pants: What's the difference?

Okay, so there are some key distinctions between leggings and pants. For one thing, the pants have a button and zipper and pockets. They're also a thicker material than the leggings and in my opinion look a little more dressed up.

The biggest difference, though, is in how you pair them with tops. Leggings should be paired with tops that cover your butt, while leather pants can be paired with shorter tops.

Let's break down some outfit formulas for both!

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Leather Pants


Leather Pants + Solid Sweater + Statement Boots

This outfit feels so edgy, but it's so simple. All you need is a solid-colored sweater in a bold color like rust, which is very trendy this year. You want it to be a more fitted style that doesn't go over your hips. The goal is to be able to see the button of the pants to elongate your leg line. Then add in some clunky boots, like my buckle moto boots (that my mom hates), and you've got a chic outfit with a little bit of bite to it.


Leather Pants + Graphic Sweatshirt + Skate Shoes

I love a good graphic sweatshirt (this is one of my faves from last year). They are so versatile and easily add a laid-back vibe to your outfit. The leather pants keep everything elevated so it feels intentional instead of sloppy, but the skate shoes keep that casual vibe going strong.


Leather Pants + Structured Blouse + Classic Flats

A structured blouse paired with a pair of classic black flats instantly creates a stylish outfit that you can wear to the office, date night, brunch with the girls, etc. I love the chicness of a black and white ensemble.


Leather Pants + Girly Plaid + Colored Flats

Let's keep that polish going with a girly plaid blouse. The key is to look for something that isn't a button-up. Take my blouse for example: it's got a peplum hem and trumpet sleeves. Those girly, almost fancy details keep the outfit feeling polished, especially when you finish it off with a pair of colored flats.


Leather Pants + Embellished Sweater + Heels

This is absolutely my favorite sweater from last year. It instantly elevates any outfit it's a part of, especially leather pants. Paired with classic black heels, and this outfit is ready for the office or your next holiday party.

Leather Leggings


Leather Leggings + Oversized Thermal + Skate-Style Shoes

An oversized thermal is the perfect in-between top when you're wanting to be comfy but not too casual. It's got enough structure to look purposeful, but it's comfortable enough to pretend you're in loungewear. I like the 90s vibe these skate shoes give the outfit.


Leather Leggings + Tunic/Dress + Sneakers

This is one of my favorite way to wear leggings, period - underneath a short dress or tunic. Case in point: this was a dress that shrunk in the wash. True to my love of 90s era grunge, I had to finish this out with sneakers.


Leather Leggings + Chunky Sweater + Statement Boots

This is the ultimate basic outfit, am I right? Just swap out your regular leggings for a pair of faux leather ones, grab your favorite chunky sweater (I love this green leopard print), and finish it out with some statement boots.


Leather Leggings + Oversized Button-Up + Classic Flats

Is it just me or does this outfit have a 50s vibe to it? Maybe it's just me... Anyway, I would absolutely wear this to an office job. It feels so polished to me. You can pull this off with any oversized button-down, really, but there's just something about this barely-there pink paired with all black everything else.


Leather Leggings + Graphic Tee + Long Cardigan + Sneakers

This is a modified work-at-home momiform. This entire outfit is all about comfort and movability. You can wear it while working in your home office, running errands, or just hanging out. The long cardigan makes up for fact that my graphic tee doesn't fully cover my rear. 

Which outfit is your favorite?

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  1. Leather Leggings + Chunky Sweater + Statement Boots~- you look amazing in it;)

    1. Thank you so much! That is probably my most-worn combo through the cold months. Thanks so much for dropping by!