5 Things I Bought from Amazon for Fall

by - October 08, 2021


Does it feel like fall where you live yet? Unfortunately for us, it still feels like late summer, other than a few days last month when our morning tips dipped into the mid-50s. Dressing for fall when you live in a warmer climate can feel daunting, especially when you factor in our often-times wide range of temperatures in just one day.

When I'm shifting gears into fall mode, the most noticeable changes in how I dress are my color choices and adding one or two layers. This year, I'm really digging the more subtle nods to the change in season with dusty pinks and peach and deep yellow. Although, I definitely am working more of my black pieces into the rotation.

I recently added a few pieces from Amazon that I wanted to share with you guys in a dedicated post. So let's dive in!

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and wear size medium or 6 in clothes and size 7 in shoes.

Let's start with these faux leather leggings.


I haven't had a pair of these in a few years, since the pair I got from Forever 21 finally died. I just never replaced them. This pair was included in some list that I read (Buzzfeed maybe?). They have really good reviews and are under $20, although they have slightly increased in price since I bought them.

I broke these out on the first day our temps dropped into fall territory. I was pretty impressed with these. They hold everything in nicely without being overly tight. I didn't have any issues with the waist rolling down during the day, and I didn't feel like they bunched up around my ankles. However, I did have to roll the legs under because they're about two inches too long for me. Also, be warned that they make a rustling sound when you walk, or at least they did that day. I'm not sure if washing them resolves the issue since it's been way too warm here to wear them again.

All in all, for under $20 they're pretty decent.

Moving on to this houndstooth skirt.


I'd been wanting a skirt in this pattern for awhile. For some reason I was expecting the material to be different than what it is. I don't know why since the material isn't listed anywhere on the description. Just so you'll know, it's a slick material with absolutely no stretch. I went up to a large, and it fits perfectly.

The skirt is high-waisted with a back zipper. It's on the shorter side, so all you tall folks should be aware of that. I was impressed with how comfortable this was, honestly, and despite the material it's made from it didn't wrinkle after sitting for awhile. It comes in several other colors. I really like the D Beige Brown, D Beige Red, and C Navy Brown.

Up next is probably my favorite item from this order, a yellow-orange maxi dress.


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you've already seen this dress a couple of times. It's listed as being orange but to me it's more of a mustard yellow. I got my normal size medium in this but definitely could have sized down to a small. I've got the straps adjusted as short as they'll go and it's still very roomy.

This is the only thing from this order that I've styled multiple ways, so I wanted to share those with you as well.


This dress is really easy to style a bunch of different ways. I chose denim and green top layers for fall, but it wouldn't be hard to adapt this dress for winter or spring.

What's fall without a little leopard print? But I absolutely love how unexpected this pink leopard print dress is.


This dress is a lot of fun. I love the flutter sleeves and tiered skirt. It's unlined so it won't be warm at all, which is great for our warmer fall. It's not fitted but doesn't hang like a sack. The only thing that would make it better would be if it had pockets.

Last, but not least, is this pretty pink polka dot skirt.


I love everything about this skirt, except for the waistband. I don't know if it's too big or was sewn a little funny, but the elastic kept folding over inside the material which caused it to lay funny, so I had to adjust it multiple times throughout the day.

Otherwise, the material is polyester so it's a little fluttery yet clingy. It has pockets and wasn't see-through. It comes in a few other colors. I like the dark green.

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