9 Fall Handbag Picks from ShoeDazzle

by - October 10, 2021


There's an internet holiday for everything it seems, and today is National Handbag Day. This is a holiday I can certainly stand behind. Before we dive into my picks for fall, let's have a little history lesson.

The first handbag in recorded history dates back to between 3400-3100 BC, and it was carried by a man. According to historians, handbags were originally carried by men as a way to keep track of their coins and became a status symbol.

The reticule, or small enclosed bag became popular among women from 1795-1820. That was followed by a period where no one carried handbags in favor of pockets hidden among the voluminous folds of their skirts. This trend ended when high-waisted skirts and dresses came into fashion and couldn't accommodate pockets.

Women carried handbags of different types off and on for the next few centuries. You can see a timeline of the history of handbags here. It's really quite fascinating.

I've always had a thing for purses. I especially love fun colors in classic styles, but for practicality's sake, I tend to buy purses that can be carried for long stretches because I'm not one to swap out my handbag to match  my outfit every single day.

For the past several years, ShoeDazzle has been my go-to shop for handbags. They have unique options I don't find in local stores, so I'm less likely to come across someone with my same bag, and their quality is superb. I'm in the market for a new bag for this season and happen to have a credit I need to use, so I've been browsing. These are my top 9 picks.



This year, roomy totes, messenger-style bags with flap closures, small and delicate hand-held purses, and suede are among the top trends for handbags. I'm also seeing a lot of quilted patterns, which I like in small doses.

Right now, I'm leaning between the It's My Way Shoulder Bag and the Woven Tote with Chain. Which of these bags is your favorite?

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