Monday Motivation

by - October 18, 2021

Happy Monday, friends! We had a full weekend of fall activities. We visited with the scarecrows at our local Botanical Gardens and did a simple fall/Halloween craft.

Our temperatures have finally turned more fall-like with our overnight lows being consistently cooler. It's still not quite sweater weather, but I'll take it!

Alexis is on Fall Break for a couple more days. The school system did it differently this year. Instead of a full week, they wrapped three days around a weekend to give the illusion of having a week off. It's a trick I know well from my tv days when I would do the same thing to get the most out of my vacation time.

This is deadline week so I'll be fairly busy, especially here at the start of the week. I've got several things I'm working on for the blog and holiday gift sets just dropped for Monat so I'll be doing some stuff with that.

I hope all have a wonderful week!

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