15 Spooky-ish Books for Halloween

by - October 20, 2021


Do you guys like reading spooky books? I'm not really one for scary, nightmare-inducing stories, but I am down for a good mystery or thriller. Since Halloween is coming up fast, I thought it'd be fun to share some of my favorite spooky-ish reads plus some others that are on my TBR list.

Nine Spooky-ish Books I've Read

Ghosts of Gotham - This is still one of the best books I've ever read. Lionel Page is an investigative journalist who's built his career on debunking the supernatural. But when he's hired to authenticate a never-before-seen Edgar Allan Poe manuscript, things quickly take a turn for the irrefutable. This book has witches and, as the title suggests, ghosts. It's not scary, but I feel like I should warn you about one particularly gory scene that may get readers with weak stomachs.

Verity - This is a book I keep revisiting, especially the ending, and I still don't know which version of the truths presented is the right one! A semi-successful author, Lowen, is hired to finish writing a mega successful series when that author, Verity, is gravely injured in a car accident. While going through Verity's office, Lowen discovers an autobiography that reveals some very dark family secrets. When she witnesses the supposedly comatose Verity up and about, Lowen decides to present her evidence to Verity's husband, and things take a wild turn.

All the Pretty Monsters series - This is such an interesting series. It's about half a dozen old-blood Gypsy families who traded their humanity for immortality, becoming the world's first monsters. Idun is the worst of them all, but she and her family, who somehow give her her power, have been trapped underground for a thousand years. Then, Violet comes along and shakes the very foundation of these monsters' society.

The Seventh Bride - Fifteen-year-old Rhea finds herself the unwilling fiancé of a mysterious nobleman. When Lord Crevan summons her to his home before the wedding, Rhea learns she will be his seventh bride, and that all the others are trapped. Lord Crevan is a sorcerer who has managed to corrupt marriage contracts so that in exchange for marriage, he receives something from his wives - their magic, their sight, their voice, even their life or death. Sometimes he keeps the "gift" for himself, other times he gives it away. Now, he's got his eyes set on Rhea's youth, but she won't be easy prey.

Haunts & Hotels - First, let me start off by saying that this was surprisingly more intense than I was prepared for, especially since I decided to read it before going to sleep. I won't say that it's scary, but it was super creepy and ghosts rank very high on my scare meter. Anyway, Brea is a successful, semi-famous ghost hunter. She, along with three other teams, are invited to a competition at a haunted hotel that was once owned a serial killer. The serial killer, whose name is Dudley by the way, along with the spirits of his victims are still on the grounds. There is a LOT of creepy ghost interaction. Think those ghost hunter shows but multiple it by 10.

Circus of the Dead series - This book has voodoo and zombies and is set in the Louisiana bayou. Of course it's going to be spooky! Callie is sent to spent the summer with her uncle at the circus where he works, but this is no ordinary circus. All the workers are trapped, even those who are dead. Now, Callie's trapped, too, but she's not one to just accept it.

The Haunting of H.G. Wells - Famous author H.G. Wells works as a field journalist during World War I. When he's sent to the front, he discovers a no-man's land that's filled with the living, the dead, and those stuck in between. When he returns home to London, some of those ghosts follow and help Wells and a female journalist unravel a plot that could turn the tide of the war.

The Girl in Cabin 13 - Emma Griffin is an FBI agent who's been assigned to investigate a string of disappearances and murders in a rural community.  Not long after she arrives, a body is left on the front porch of the cabin she's renting, letting her know the killer knows she's there, and he's a lot closer than she thinks.

Kings of Miskatonic Prep series - So this series was crazy. Hazel thinks her life is finally looking up when she's accepted into the prestigious Miskatonic Prep school, but things at the academy are definitely not what they appear. Scholarship students like Hazel are handpicked to sacrifice to the monster that lives under the school, and the other students have been stuck there since their parents sacrificed them years before.

Six Spooky-ish Books on my TBR

Echoes - Hannah thinks she's losing her mind when the man she ran over and killed vanishes without a trace. So she desperately searches until she finds him alive and well. Then she learns he's part of an ancient race of immortals, but so is his sister who murders every person who learns his secret.

Mrs. Rochester's Ghost - Jane has lost her job, her mother, her relationship, and her home. At the end of her rope, she accepts an unusual deal from a friend - a cottage in which to live so long as she tutors Evan Rochester's daughter. Evan stands accused of murdering his wife. He claims she committed suicide, and although Jane is skeptical, she begins to fall for him anyway. When Mrs. Rochester's ghost begins appearing, Jane begins searching for the truth.

Bacchanal - Eliza can communicate with animals...most of the time. The residents of Baton Rouge fear her until they need help with their livestock. When the Bacchanal Carnival offers her a job, Eliza eagerly accepts. But this carnival is more than meets the eye. It's home to an ancient demon that feeds on souls.

The Curse of Jenny Greene - On the night Sophie's grandmother was supposed to die, her little brother disappears. Sophie believes he's at the bottom of the pond on Grimm Road and goes looking. Instead of finding Sam, Sophie finds herself face-to-face with a centuries-old witch. If Foster Grimm didn't pull her from the water, Sophie would be lost as well. Now, she's caught Foster's attention and he's caught the attention of the witch.

Girls of Brackenhill - When Hannah Maloney returns to her family's Catskills castle, she's compelled to investigate her sister's unsolved disappearance. Strange things keep happening in the castle, and Hannah uncovers disturbing details about her past. By the time she realizes some mysteries are best left buried, it's too late.

The Wicked Deep - Two hundred years ago, three witch sisters were drowned in the waters surrounding the town of Sparrow. Every summer, the sisters return, stealing the bodies of weak-hearted girls to lure boys to their deaths. This year, there's a new boy in town who has no idea of the danger he's stumbled into.

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