3 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

by - September 09, 2021


Jumpsuits are one of those trends that has stuck around, and I don't foresee them going away anytime soon. For me, they're a great alternative to a maxi dress and are usually easy to dress up or down.

I picked up this jumpsuit from Old Navy over the summer. It's not in stock anymore, but they've got plenty to choose from.

The key things I look for when choosing a jumpsuit are that it has a defined waist and that it isn't tight-fitting. I also like for them to have some sort of opening on the back, like a button or zipper, to make getting them on and off easier. Because I'm on the short side, sometimes I need the petite version so the legs aren't too long. Most of the time, I'm good with regular sizing, especially if the straps are adjustable.

I wear my jumpsuits pretty much all year long, so I wanted to show you how I transition them from warmer weather to cooler weather, and I'm also throwing in a work version.

Wear it Now


Jumpsuits are perfect for transitioning from summer to fall. The long pants, darker pattern, and thicker material help it to feel less like a summer-only item, while the lack of sleeves are perfect for the warm weather we'll be having the next couple of months. Strappy sandals keep it summer appropriate.

Wear it Later


Once the temps do cool off, you'll want to add a third layer, like my favorite dark denim jacket. If you haven't invested in one yet, what are you waiting for? I liked the look of these faux suede ankle booties. The shaft is higher, hitting a couple inches above my ankle, so there's no exposed skin between the hem of the pants leg and the top of the boot. With wider legs like these, having a strip of skin visible can be awkward instead of chic.

Wear it to Work


Jumpsuits are great for casual workplaces. Just throw a blazer over the top and add a pair of purposeful shoes, like these bow flats or a pair of heels, and you're golden.

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