An Honest Review of Monat Sculpting Taffy

by - September 19, 2021

Do you guys ever find a product that instantly changes how you do something? The Monat Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy is the product I didn't know my hair routine needed.

I've been using Monat since July. I've used the curl cream, which is a really great product, the mousse, which gives great volume, and the gel, which is probably the best gel I've ever used. The curl cream is really the only one I've used consistently, as in after every wash, and I was rotating between pairing it with the mousse or the gel. And my results were great! Seriously, the best hair days I've ever had consistently since deciding to embrace my natural texture.

Then, I was browsing through all the products Monat offers to learn more about them when I came across the sculpting taffy. After reading the description and reviews, I knew I had to try it. And y'all, I'm kinda mad it wasn't part of my first order!

I've used it in conjunction with the curl cream and on its own, and while it doesn't necessarily give me better results than either the mousse or the gel, the taffy stands above them for me.

The best way I can explain the taffy is that it's like a cream and gel combined but without the stickiness or dreaded crunch. It provides all day hold that resists our crazy humidity, and I have less frizz when I use it, especially when combined with the leave-in conditioner and/or the curl cream.

Speaking of hold, it lasts through me sleeping on it and a sweaty workout. And if I do need to restyle, you can use it on dry hair, and it's still not crunchy or sticky. What?!

This is the product of my dreams. Seriously, 10/10 would recommend.

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