My Fitness Journey + an Honest Review of Starving Spirits

by - September 24, 2021

I'm not going to lie, friends. This is a really difficult post to write. Talking about how truly out of shape and weak I got last year makes me feel all kinds of vulnerable. It also really highlights the fact that I'm now firmly in my mid-30s where getting back into shape is infinitely harder than it used to be.

I had a hysterectomy last year. My decision came after more than year of suffering (You can read more about it here). Even before I headed into the OR, my health and physical fitness had taken a pretty big hit. Then add in a months-long recovery from having major surgery, and all the physicality I had prided myself on keeping honed was basically non-existent. I had no stamina, strength, or flexibility anymore.

In case you didn't know, it takes an entire year to fully recover from a hysterectomy.

As soon as I was able, I started walking - the only exercise my doctor said was safe for me to do. I started with what amounted to maybe a quarter of a mile, and it was brutal. I eventually worked up to being able to jog a full mile, but although my stamina had greatly improved I needed more.

At the beginning of the year, I took on a health coach as a client with the magazine. When she asked if I'd like to try a complimentary session with her, I jumped at the opportunity. That 30 minute class was was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but when I walked out of her studio I felt so much better.

Not long after that, about mid-March, I started seeing Valerie twice a week for one-on-one yoga sessions. But if I'm being honest, calling what happens in the 60 minutes we spend together just "yoga" feels limiting. It's breathing and refocusing and strength training and physical therapy and flexibility and cardio all rolled into one.


It's been about six months, maybe longer since I don't remember the actual date we started, and the changes in my body are astounding. I've lost about two inches in my waist, I've dropped an entire dress/pant size, my stamina is up, my flexibility is rebounding, and - probably the best feeling of all - I have muscles, y'all.

You'll notice I didn't mention my weight. That's because I didn't set out to lose any, and I'm pretty sure I haven't. In fact, I've probably gained a little because muscle outweighs fat.

Exercising, in any way, is infinitely more enjoyable when you're comfortable, right? So finding the best leggings and sports bras is just part of the deal. I get my workout gear from a variety of places at all difference price points. When Starving Spirits reached out to me about giving their workout sets a try, I said what the heck and signed up.

I started out with three sets, one of which is no longer available unfortunately.



Burn-Orange Three-Piece Set (no longer available)

I'm impressed with the quality. All three sets are incredibly soft. In fact, they're the softest leggings and sports bras I own. As such, they're insanely comfortable, and I wore the yellow set for an entire day (with a sweatshirt over the sports bra, of course).

The only issue I have is that the waist bands come up a bit too high on me, but that's a short-person issue that I have with most leggings. It's not enough of an issue for me to not buy more.

Price wise, they're comparable to Fabletics or Lululemon.

*This post is not sponsored and does not contain affiliate links. However, I am a brand ambassador for Starving Spirits, and as such receive a discount when I shop. This post contains my honest, unedited opinions.

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