Real Outfit Roundup: Feeling (Kind of) Like Fall

by - September 30, 2021

It feels kind of like fate to be doing this Real Outfit Roundup on the last day of September. This has been one of the busiest months, but for the most part it didn't feel very hectic or like I was being pulled in too many directions at once. If you follow me on Instagram, then you'll know that I have fully embraced fall-themed fashion. Still no sweaters or jackets, though, since our highs are still in the 80s most days. Although, we did have a week of 70s with morning lows in the 50s!

Anyway, for those of you who are new, every two weeks I share the outfits I wore in real life and what I was doing those days - if I can remember. Mom brain is a real thing, people! I link to the exact or similar items, since I definitely don't wear something new every single day!

Sizing info: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 150 lbs. I typically am size 6 or medium in clothes and wear size 7 shoes.

Shirt (similar) / Pants (similar) / Shoes (similar) / Belt

This was the day I got my hair cut...well, trimmed. But this photo was taken before I went in, I believe. Anyway, I remember thinking that I wanted to feel pumpkin spice-ish, so I pulled out these orange twill pants. I didn't want to overdo it, considering it was still pretty warm, so I went with this off-white lace blouse and the finished the look with my tried-and-true leopard print flats. Literally everything in this picture is at least a year old, except for my belt.

Shirt (similar) / Jeans (similar) / Shoes

I wore this for my husband's birthday. We didn't do much - the highlight being a cookout at his parents' house. I was having some allergy issues so I just wanted to be comfortable. These boyfriend jeans are my newest pair, and they're pretty amazing. My tank is from last year, I think, but I've got several of the same style so I really can't remember.

Dress / Shoes (similar)

I was really excited to get this dress. It's bigger than I expected, and I honestly could have sized down. This is the medium, and I had to tighten the straps as much as they would go. Anyway, the material on this isn't thick or thin, really. It's not see-through, and it's got a semi-liner at the bust. I wish it had pockets, but it doesn't. The color is perfect for fall, but you already know I'll be wearing it year-round! We had a surprise visit from my parents so we took them to our new favorite pizza spot and threw on my old brown sandals to finish it out.


This dress gets all the heart eyes. It's leopard print but in an unexpected pale pink. The only thing on my calendar for this day, other than work, was gymnastics in the afternoon. I truly don't remember what shoes I ended up wearing for that.

Shirt / Skirt / Shoes (similar)

I really love this skirt...except for the waistband. The elastic kept folding up inside the material, so I fought with it every time I got up. I feel like the waist band might be sewn funny or something since this isn't a problem I've ever had. I'll be keeping it regardless. It has pockets and isn't see-through and comes in several other colors. My t-shirt is the Amazon Essentials brand, and it's pretty good. It's about time to replace it, honestly. The neck is starting to lose its integrity.

Plaid Shirt (similar) / Tank / Leggings / Shoes

This was our first true taste of fall weather, so I had to dress accordingly! I'm not usually one to dress with this much black, but I really wanted to try these $12 faux leather leggings that have such great reviews. Honestly, I'm pretty impressed. They hold everything in nicely and I had no issues with rolling or bunching throughout the day. The issues I had were that they're about two inches too long for me, so I rolled the bottoms under, and they make a weird rubbing sound that I can't describe when you walk (hopefully that'll resolve itself after a run through the washing machine). They're also hot, but all faux leather leggings are, so take that for what it's worth. All in all, not bad for $12, and I'll be wearing them again.

Shirt / Jeans (similar) / Shoes (similar) / Belt

Remember this shirt from my Old Navy try-on post a few weeks ago? It finally cooled off enough to wear it without dying of heat stroke! I had a busier-than-expected work day, but that evening I went to a local production of Annie with a girlfriend so I wanted to be dressed nice. This shirt, while massively oversized, has a really nice drape when front-tucked. I paired it with my dark wash, non-distressed boyfriend jeans and some two-toned flat slides.

Blue Flannel (similar) / T-shirt / Shorts (similar) / Shoes

I spent most of Saturday at the lake with family. It was warm but with a cool-ish breeze, so I went full-out 90s grunge with my favorite distressed denim shorts, a Disney princess graphic tee under a blue plaid long-sleeve button-up, and my blue Converse. This outfit felt so much like me, it almost hurt.

Shirt (similar) / Joggers / Shoes

On Sunday, I just wanted to be comfy, and these camo joggers are by far my most comfortable pair. My sadly no-longer-available flower peace sign t-shirt was a perfect match.

Shirt (similar) / Jeans (similar/ Shoes (similar) / Belt

Monday ended up being nothing like what I planned. Alexis woke up with a horrible cough, so we ended up at the pediatrician's office. I pulled this short-sleeved sweater that I've had forever on because it's really comfy and grabbed my new favorite jeans (that I maybe have been wearing for the past week). The outfit felt like an understated nod to the season while still being appropriate for the weather.

Shirt / Jeans (similar) / Shoes (similar) / Belt

My peach-and-cream striped short-sleeve sweater inspired me to pull this vertical peach-striped short-sleeve camp-style shirt down for Tuesday. Who knew that peach would work so perfectly for fall? I always kind of associate it with Spring, but I'm really digging it for autumn these days.

Anyway, that's it for this edition of Real Outfit Roundup. I hope you all get some inspiration for your fall OOTDs!

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