14 Gift Ideas for Your 9th Wedding Anniversary

by - September 14, 2021


This week, my husband and I celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary. It's crazy to think we've been married for this long!

This is the pottery and willow wood anniversary for all you traditionalists or the leather anniversary if you're more modern. I rounded up some gift ideas for all three. I tried to stay under $100 and chose a selection of gifts for him and her. All of these gifts are things that I would buy either my husband or myself.

Let's start with the modern gifts.


1. Leather Watch (herhim) - A watch is a timeless gift for all genders, no matter the occasion. A watch is pretty much always on my gift list for Chris.

2. Leather Puzzle Piece Keychain - How freakin' cute are these? Babe, if you're reading this post, act surprised when these show up!

3. Leather Ottoman - This just looks so classy, doesn't it?

4. Leather Journal - Would I be me if I didn't include a journal on a gift guide? There are tons of great leather covered journals to choose from, but I really love this embossed one. *hint, hint*

5. Leather-Scented Candle - For those of us who don't take things literally, try a leather-scented candle.

6. Charging Cord Bracelet - Ok, so these are pretty genius.

And now for the traditional gifts.

7. Willow Tree Anniversary - I love Willow figurines. Sadly, I only have one of my own, which was a wedding gift from a former coworker.

8. Willow Picnic Basket - Did you know most wicker is made from willow?

9. Willow Earrings - Again, for those non-literal thinkers, these gorgeous willow earrings are a must.

10. Willow Wood Slice Clock - My husband has a thing for clocks, and this one is beautiful.

11. Pebble Art Picture - This isn't technically pottery, but it's cute nonetheless.

12. Pig Glasses Holder - Um, yes please! My glasses get lost on my nightstand all. the. time. I need this pig in my life.

13. Stoneware & Cracked Glass Coasters - Who said coasters have to be boring?

14. Hand Hold Casting Kit - This might be my favorite thing on the list. You can make a cast of you and your husband's clasped hands without leaving your house. No kiln required.

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