Real Outfit Roundup: Is It Fall Yet?

by - September 02, 2021


Everywhere I look these days, I'm inundated with fall fashion. From try-on hauls to how to style sweaters and boots, my Instagram timeline and blog feed is full of ideas for a season that just isn't here yet...and won't be for another month, at least.

I'm not sure when September stopped being counted as a summer month, especially since the first day of autumn falls after the midpoint of the month and the temperatures are still stuck on Hell in most parts of the country. But it's like as soon as school starts up again, everyone breaks out their fall gear, at least for social media.

Frankly, I could do that, too, but our temperatures are still hovering in the 90-degree range, and I don't want to wear a sweater even for the 10 minutes it would take to snap a picture. So sorry, y'all, but there will be no fall fashion posts here for awhile.

However, even though I won't be reaching for a sweater or jacket anytime soon, I will be transitioning my wardrobe in some more subtle ways. The easiest way to dress for fall without breaking a sweat is to start warming up your color palette and choose prints or patterns that are more traditionally fall.

That doesn't mean you have to suddenly start reaching for blacks and earth tones only, though, as my most recent outfits demonstrate. For most of these, the only thing stopping them from being a true fall ensemble is the shoe choice and lack of a third layer. So let's dive in!

Sizing Info: I'm 5'2" and weigh around 150 lbs. I wear size 6 or medium in clothing and size 7 in shoes.

Dress (similar) / Sneakers (similar)

This dress has been a staple in my closet for the last couple of years. I'm a firm believer that you can wear all colors all year long, but there is something about olive green that just screams fall. Paired with these sneakers that have just the right amount of leopard print, and you've got the perfect low-key fall outfit.

Dress (similar) / Shirt (similar) / Converse

This dress is one of my most-worn of the summer, but the darker tone of the mauve makes it easy to transition into cooler weather, especially when you add a third layer like this short-sleeved chambray shirt. When the weather cools off, I'll upgrade to either a long-sleeved chambray or my denim jacket.

Shirt / Skirt / Shoes (similar)

This is another one of those outfits that can easily be worn all year long. For cooler days, I would add a jacket and swap my sandals for sneakers or flats.


Workout gear is year-round, right? I actually kept this on all day because my yoga session was in the middle of the day that day, and I didn't have time to change before school pick-up. Plus, I really like these workout tanks, and these bicycle shorts are a great price. They have a pocket for your phone and the waist doesn't roll when you're moving around, so definitely worth considering.

Shirt / Skirt / Shoes (similar)

I've actually styled this maxi skirt for colder weather on the blog before by swapping the t-shirt for a light-pink colored sweater. See that look here.

Shirt / Shorts (similar) / Shoes

Most graphic tees can be styled for all seasons, and I really love this Go Get Em tiger t-shirt. I haven't played around with it much because it's just been so dang hot here, but I have no doubt of its versatility.

Dress / Shoes

This is one of my favorite Amazon dresses that I've ever bought. It is just so dang flattering. You can't see unless you're within touching distance, but there are actually red berries scattered throughout the leaf print. This one is a little bit tougher to take into cooler weather because of that slit, but adding a denim jacket over the top is a good start.

Dress / Shoes

This is one of those dresses that can be dressed up or down, worn casually or for work. It is really comfortable, and I love the rose print. It also has pockets and the straps are adjustable.

Dress (similar, similar) / Shoes (similar)

This coloring of this dress gives it a nice fall vibe. I love the silhouette, and I wish it was still available. It truly is one of my favorite dresses.

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