4 Lipsticks for Fall

by - September 26, 2021


I have a weakness for lipstick...even though most days I forget to reapply it. Mom life, am I right?

Lipstick is truly the one place I feel adventurous when it comes to makeup. I like my lip to be bold without looking like I'm auditioning for clown school. I have this memory from childhood of a redheaded woman who wore bright, fire-engine red lipstick and how garish it always looked, and to this day that memory guides me in my lipstick choice.

To be fair, I don't really color-code my makeup for the seasons, so although I've named this post 4 Lipsticks for Fall, and these are all great fall options, I will wear them year-round, maybe with the exception of the last one I'm sharing because it may be too brown.


Have you guys tried Mellow yet? They just might be my favorite lipstick brand. And this is, hands down, my favorite nude lipstick EVER. Most nude lipsticks on me are either too pink, too brown, or make my lips disappear altogether. This lipstick gives me just enough color so that my lips are actually apparent on my face without looking like I'm trying super hard. This is honestly the lipstick I wear 90 percent of the time.


I got this in one of my ipsy bags several years ago. As you can tell from the tube, this is a well-loved lipstick. It can usually be found in the catch-all tray on my desk so that I'm always prepared for a video call or Zoom meeting. This shade is the perfect blend of red and purple. What I love about this lipstick is how smooth it is, which I guess is why it's called butter lipstick.


When I describe this lipstick to other people, I pull out a really dated reference. Remember in the movie The Little Giants when Becky, the tomboy who plays football, tries makeup for the first time and gets caught by her dad, so she lies and tells him she's just eaten a cherry Tootsie Pop? That's the color this lipstick is, and it's so perfect. Also, I don't know how they do it, but Milani's lipsticks smell so dang good. I think I might be addicted to that smell.


Originally this post was going to just showcase three shades, but then I picked up this one from the drugstore last week, and I couldn't not include it. It's such a nice understated brown. It's not quite nude but it's also not dark enough to feel too earthy for my skin tone.

What's your go-to lipstick shade?

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