Books I'm Currently Reading + 4 I Couldn't Finish

by - September 08, 2021

Now that we're firmly entrenched in a new month, I thought it would be fun to share the books that are currently holding my attention.

Some of these - most, actually - I've only read a few pages into. Four are part of series I've been reading. One is a new series I've started by an author I really love, and the last is a book that's been sitting unread on my shelf for awhile.

I'm also including the series that I'm currently re-reading, and four books/series that I just couldn't get into.

Did you guys catch my reading roundup for August? There are some good suspenseful reads and a couple of good stand-alone romances.

Finch Merlin and the Legend of the Luminary - This is the last book in Finch's part of this world of magic. I'm excited to see how it ends. Quick, one-sentence summary: Atlantis has risen and predictably it's causing chaos in both the magical and non-magical worlds. Note: You must read Harley's story before Finch's, even though - in my opinion - Finch's story is better.

Bloodlust (Rise of the Iliri book 1) - I really like Auryn Hadley's books. This one is a little deeper into fantasy than I usually go, even considering that fantasy is my favorite genre, but it's definitely sucked me in. Sal is an iliri who's just been admitted into the Black Blades, an elite branch of the military. The iliri are considered beasts by humans, and Sal's been fighting her whole life to overcome that prejudice.

Rogue Ghosts & Other Miscreants (The Guild Codex: Warped book 3) - Kit is now a full-fledged MagiPol agent and his newest case involves a teenager kidnapped by the most notorious rogue in town. Between confusing orders and conflicting evidence, Kit and his partner are spinning in circles, and it feels like he's the only person who cares more about the teen than their own ulterior motives.

The Mogul and the Muscle (Bluewater Billionaires book 2) - This book follows behind The Price of Scandal, which I read and thoroughly enjoyed last month. This is the story of Cam, a billionaire engineer/rocket scientist, and Jude, the bodyguard she hires when it becomes clear someone is after her.

City of Girls - I've read pretty far into this one already, and I'm honestly not sure if I'll finish it. It's written in a very different style - from the perspective of an older woman who's looking back on her youth. Vivian has been sent to Manhattan to live with her aunt, who owns the Lily Playhouse. When she makes a personal mistake that results in professional scandal, Vivian's new world is turned upside down in ways that will take years for her to understand.

Animal Instincts (Gilded Knights book 3) - We've made it to the baby of the Rosa brothers. Beckett is the only vet in town, so when he hires fellow vet Tabitha with no intention of letting her off the reception desk, sparks are sure to fly.

Series I'm Re-Reading

Harem of Hearts - This is one of my favorite Alice in Wonderland retellings, but be warned. It is a why choose romance and has a lot of dark plot twists.

Secret Keepers series - This is, quite frankly, the only "alien" series I've ever read and enjoyed. Although, in all fairness, I'm not sure if parallel universe truly translates into alien.

The Redemption Saga - This is the story of an assassin who never wanted to be what she was made into escaping the monster who held her leash and making it her mission to take him down.

Rollin On Series - Seriously, if you haven't added this series to your TBR list, we can't be friends. I absolutely love the community Emilia Finn has created with these books.

The Witch's Rebels - I'll be honest. Even though I've read this series before, there's not much I remember about it, so it's almost like I'm reading it for the first time again.

Books/Series I Just Couldn't Get Into

Steps (Finding Their Muse book 1) - I'm actually pretty disappointed in this one. It's been recommended in one of my book groups so many times, but it ended up being way too dark and violent for me, and I just couldn't connect with any of the characters.

Featherstone Academy series - I'm conflicted on this one. On the one hand, I'm interested in the story and want to know how it ends. On the other hand, the writing/editing was horrible to the point of distraction. I finished the first book, but only made it a couple chapters into the second book before I was too frustrated with the complete lack of grammar.

Grave Concerns series - I finished the first book but honestly was left with way too many questions. Usually there's enough foreshadowing to have some idea of what's happening, but not here. The main female character was also frustrating to me because she honestly seemed to not want to know anything about herself.

Carrots - I didn't make it far in this book at all. I was intrigued by the title and description, but there was just too much rambling inner dialogue from the female main character, and honestly I felt like she was stupid.

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